Jeffrey Wright and Denzel Washington Unite in Spike Lee's 'High and Low'

Jeffrey Wright, an actor celebrated for his powerful performances and versatility
8:35 27 March 2024

“Procession: The Art Of Norman Lewis” At Pennsylvania Academy

You may be unfamiliar with his journey, let alone the name of artist Norman Lewis
8:43 15 March 2024

G-Eazy: The Rise to the Top of the Rap Game

Whether you’ve heard about him yet or not, 25 year old Oakland, CA native Gerald Earl Gillum, better known by his stage name G-Eazy
9:30 30 June 2021

Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino On Opening for Green Day

Best Coast is back in Philly this week, this time opening for Green Day at Temple’s Liacouras Center
9:18 30 June 2021

Jello Biafra: “..Didn’t Vote For Obama In ’08, No Way I’m Voting For Him Now”

Famed punk rocker Jello Biafra speaks on some of the politics behind his upcoming release with the Guantanamo School of Medicine
9:13 30 June 2021

Something old, something new for Michael Stipe

After Michael Stipe opens a gate to the abandoned Manhattan storefront that serves as his studio, you find a man easily traversing his past
16:50 11 November 2019