Top 10 Facts about Doors that will be Interesting to Know

Let's look at the top 10 facts about Doors!
Top 10 Facts about Doors

Let’s look at the top 10 facts about Doors! An entryway is a pivoted or generally mobile hindrance that permits entrance (passage) into and departure (exit) from a nook. The made opening in the wall is an entryway or gateway! So without further ado let’s dive into the Top 10 Facts about Doors!

Top 10 Facts about Doors

  1. The World’s Largest Building Needs a Pretty Big Door :

    A Reading Eagle article published on December 14th, 1965 was accompanied by an image of an enormous door that was installed on the world’s largest building.

    This particular door is part of the Vehicle Assembly Building located at Cape Kennedy. It was required to be big enough to accommodate the 38-story high rockets that had to be moved in an upright position.

    Each door stands 456 feet tall and takes a full 45 minutes to open or close.

  2. Automatic Garage Doors Aren’t a Modern Marvel :

    Did you know that C.G. Johnson invented the automatic garage door in 1926?

    His now-popular creation was born just five years after he invented the overhead door. Johnson’s model used electricity, much like ours does today.

    Despite the fact that automatic doors are very convenient, the concept didn’t become widespread until they were produced by the Era Meter Company of Chicago after World War II.

  3. Who Knew a Colorful Door Could be Rebellious? :

    Colorful doors weren’t just a fad in Ireland, some believe they were a statement of rebellion! When Queen Victoria died, the Irish were ordered to paint all doors black as a symbol of mourning.

    In true Irish style, residents instead chose to paint their doors in a variety of vibrant colors as a way of rebelling against the British.

    There’s an alternative explanation for the colorful doors that claims they were painted different colors so drunk husbands could find their way back to the correct house after a night at the pub.

  4. Doors Influence Energy in Feng Shui :

    If you’re a follower of Feng Shui, then you probably have a very clean and clear entryway. That’s because Feng Shui teaches that you must have an open pathway to your door in order to permit energy to flow freely and harmoniously within the home.

    The direction the door faces also determines its ideal color based on different types of energy. For example, a door that faces east is associated with wood elements and should be painted brown or green.

  5. Romans Were Very Open About their Door Décor :

    The ancient Romans often placed the image of a phallus over their font doors because it was considered a symbol of fertility, wealth, and wellbeing.

    Of course, things have changed a lot and your neighbors probably wouldn’t appreciate the same type of door décor. You could try to explain the historic reasons behind it, but it will still probably be considered a major neighborhood faux pas.

  6. Janus was the God of Doors :

    The ancient Romans were pretty big on doors. In fact, there was even a god associated with them. Janus was considered the god of beginnings and transitions as well as gates, doors, passages, and doorways.

    He is usually depicted with two back-to-back faces which allow him to see into the past and the future. His temple doors would be open during times of war and closed during times of peace.

  7. Dreaming About Doors Can Have Meaning :

    Dreams that include doors are not uncommon. Many believe doors in dreams are a symbol of something in your waking life. To dream that a door is locked could indicate a missed opportunity.

    Dreaming of a door that’s unlocked or open could hint at a new opportunity. If you come across a back door in your dreams, then your subconscious may be trying to tell you that you need to search deeper to find answers to a problem.

  8. Many Church Doors are Red in Philadelphia :

    If you visit Philadelphia, you may notice that many of the church doors are painted red. There is a reason for the color choice.

    Red is intended to represent Passover as a sign of safety and sanctuary. Red church doors may be found in other cities, but they are particularly prominent in Philadelphia.

  9. Mind your burglars! :

    Roughly a third of burglars enter by the front door. Old, hollow doors are easy to kick down, and old-fashioned locks are also at risk, while thin glazing on doors can be easily smashed.

    Modern doors are more secure, fitted with strong locks and toughened glass. Consider solid wood or metal, and keep your door locked.

  10. The Roman Relevance :

    If a Roman did his country a great service, he was honored with a door opening outwards, symbolizing his help to the empire.

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