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When is Chinese Language Day Celebrated? UN Ch...
When is Chinese Language Day Celebrated?
History of Chinese Language Day
Significance of Chinese Learning
Why is Chinese Language Day Celebrated?
How is Chinese Language Day Celebrated?
Some facts about Chinese Language Day

When is Chinese Language Day Celebrated?

UN Chinese Language Day is noticed all around the world on April 20 every year. The day has been decided to honor Cangjie, who is a legendary figure who is attempted to have imagined Chinese characters about5,000 years ago.

The first Chinese Language Day was celebrated in 2010 on the 12th of November, yet starting around 2011 the date has been on the 20th of April. The day celebrates multilingualism and social variety as well as advanced equivalent utilization of every one of the six of its true working dialects all throughout the organization.

History of Chinese Language Day

It was observed on 12th November 2010. Then, at that point, the date was moved to 20th April in 2011 to respect Cang Jie, an incredible figure in old China. Around 5 thousand years prior, he was expected to have designed the Chinese characters. Legends say that Cang Jie had four eyes and four students, and when he made the Chinese characters, divine beings and apparitions cried, and the sky down-poured millets.

Since that time, the Chinese have praised this day as Guyu or Rain of Millet in praise of Cangjie. According to the Gregorian schedule, Guyu is celebrated on or around the 20th of April. It is not a public holiday but just an observance. This day is created mainly to highlight the contribution of the Chinese language, poetry, and literature to world culture.

Significance of Chinese Learning

In recent years, the United Nations has set off a rush of learning Chinese. As of now, among the six authority dialects, Chinese is the main language that has been concentrated in exercises in the mother-talking country. Considering China has turned into a feature of the United Nations.

As a special language training program of the United Nations, the Chinese language preparing program for United Nations staff in China has been effectively held for in excess of ten meetings, giving in excess of 600 United Nations worldwide representatives and diplomats to China to learn and encounter the genuine Chinese language, Chinese culture and Chinese life on the spot. It has made a wide stage and has turned into the second study hall for most UN staff to find out about China.

Why is Chinese Language Day Celebrated?

Chinese Language Day is commended on this day to respect Cangjie. Established by the United Nations, Chinese Language Day likewise celebrates multilingualism and social variety.

They intend to instruct individuals about the historical backdrop of the Chinese language. Chinese was laid out as an authority language of the United Nations in 1946. In 1973, the General Assembly included Chinese as a functioning language.

Today, numerous individuals from the United Nations work with Chinese as a practical language. They additionally expect to show individuals all over the planet the advantages that learning the Chinese language can have.

How is Chinese Language Day Celebrated?

The UN and its associate associations hold occasions that grandstand the magnificence and rich social history of the Chinese language on Chinese Language Day. Studios and workshops highlight unmistakable Chinese creators, writers, and calligraphers. Shows highlighting Chinese music, combative techniques exhibitions, and calligraphy displays are held all over the planet.

The festival of “United Nations Chinese Language Day” is drawing in increasingly more consideration and welcome, and more and more groups are keen to promote Chinese culture and art that actively participate in this celebration every year.

Some facts about Chinese Language Day

1. Chinese Handwriting Is the Most Unrecognizable 

2. Chinese Has The Most Similar Sounding Words

3. Chinese Has Different Calligraphy Styles 

4. It’s Considered One of the Hardest Languages to Learn 

5. Chinese Is One of the Oldest Languages Still in Use 

6. Chinese has no articles, verb inflections, or plurals.

7. There’s also no word to say “yes” in Chinese.

8. Ancient Chinese characters were used 3,000 years ago

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