Top Five Ways To Get Free V Bucks in Fortnite

free v bucks

All users of the fortnite always have one universal question that is, how to get free v bucks? All the game is meaningful to play for the fortnite players if they don’t have v bucks in the game, v bucks is like everything for a budding player in the fortnite battle royale.

Fortnite battle royale is a multiplayer game and there are millions of the players which play the game daily and make the million of the transactions with v bucks to in-game goods. An epic game is the developers of this game and the game is very big and available for all gaming platforms.

Fortnite battle royale has very diverse goods and items in it which want v bucks to equip in the game.  Many new gamers start playing this game due to its gameplay and actions, therefore fortnite’s team add new and more entertaining items to the game and launch many other activities to the game every day.

V bucks are the key to get battle passes of the fortnite battle royale, and the battle passes are essential to play the battle in the game. V bucks are also important to buy skins for the weapon in the game and another items like customizable flair items for your hero of the fortnite. V bucks are also used to buy other customs of the gliders and pickaxe.

Tips and Tricks for Free V Bucks in Fortnite Game

Play Main Quests, Side Quests, and Daily Quest

Quest challenges in the game are the best way to earn v bucks easily in the fortnite. There are five quest challenges and some other challenges, But earning v bucks form the quest is a good deal. First, we can see how the v bucks we can earn from the main quests? In the main quest line storm shield mission will help you to get some v bucks. In saving the world mode there are 4 different areas, which you need to unlock. Each area has 4 storm shield mission, after completing mission your got reward of 100 v bucks for each mission and at the 10the storm shield mission you got 150 v bucks free.

Side quests are unlocked, when you progress in the main quest, side quest will give 100 to 150 v bucks after its completion. Daily quests are also the finest way to earn free v bucks cause sometimes the challenges in the daily quests are automatically completed by you in the battle because the challenges in it are very simple to play. You can make 50 to 100 v bucks from the daily quest.

All these quest challenges are like collect 10 these items or like, destroy this, and explore or find this etc. This type of quest challenges is given by them in the game.

Involve yourself in the fortnite events and play timed out mission

Fortnite’s events are also greatest way to earn a vast amount of v bucks. Events in the fortnite battle royale have their own questline and development system. You can meet with new heroes, weapon, and survivors in the events. You can earn many v bucks after completing the quests challenges in the event battles, you can also earn other tickets, weapons, heroes from the events.

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There are also timed-out missions which give some little quite amount of v bucks in the game they have a short range of v bucks like 20 to 50 v bucks for each mission. You can find timed out missions on the map of the game.

Earn V Bucks With the Daily Logins

You can earn from the daily login in you fortnite account. You can earn 50 to 1000 v bucks form the daily login. There are some specific days that you earn v bucks from the daily login like at the 49th day you got 150 v bucks free, at the 196th day you got 300 v bucks free and at the 336th day you got 1k v bucks for free only from the daily logins.

Daily logins also give a legendary item like on some specific day like legendary hero transform key at the 21st day and 81st day you got legendary survivor transform key. Daily login gives something interesting each day from the first day when you play the game, but other good like llamas pure water drops and other items.

Don’t think that, buying v bucks is not good deal

Fortnite features us to buy the v bucks in exchange of the real money. But this is also a good deal because shopping v bucks from their site are very good to deal cause it will give the colossal amount of v bucks free on our package.

Suppose you buy their biggest of 10000 v bucks for 100$, you got 3500 v bucks free on it means you got total 13500 v bucks in this deal, and you got  30.something dollars of v bucks free in this deal, you make a profit of 30 dollars in this deal. You can find other mare packages in their v bucks store.

You can buy the package 59 dollar and got 6000 v bucks with the bonus of 1500 v bucks on it, there is also small packages available like 1000 v bucks for 9.99 dollars only.

Earn rewards from the collection book

Collection book gives big reward like; at the level six got 500 v bucks. You can earn also earn another reward like the jackpot of llama, legendary raptor hero and other rewards. You just need to level-up your collection book with the unique item that you got in the battle. Remember that you need to put your unique items in the collection book, but once it will put and store by the collection book, then you can’t access them again, therefore just put those items that you haven’t any necessary.

Remember to use these tricks in the save the world mode. So, these are real ways to get free v bucks officially in the fortnite battle royale.

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