Some Interesting Features You Didn’t Know About FIFA 20


FIFA 20 is finally released, and Electronic Arts have added some crazy features in it that will make players love even more.

Electronic Arts released a new version of FIFA every year, and as always, they provide some great things that will make the players play the new version.

If you loved the previous versions of FIFA 20, then you will definitely love the new version because there are many amazing features added to it.

FIFA 20 is unlike any other FIFA game, and it is one of the best soccer games, and definitely, players will love it.  Every new feature in FIFA 20 is amazing, and if you want to know all about then you should read below –

Latest Interesting Features of FIFA 20

New Graphics and Designing of player diving – Diving of players is available in every mode, but in FIFA 20, the graphics are enhanced, so diving looks more real and amazing.

Players can do diving anytime they want, and it is just a feature of the game, and it does not have to do anything with the technique of the game.

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  • Istanbul champions league final stadium – FIFA 20 has released a new stadium, and players can play in this amazing stadium. The graphics of this new stadium is ultimate and makes you love it too.
  • Latest interview mode in career mode – FIFA 20 came with some interesting features, and having an interview in career mode is one of them. Electronic Arts always try to make games realistic, and they are doing it better every year.
  • Now players can customize the manager attire – None of the previous versions has this kind of feature, and in FIFA 20 players can even customize the clothing of the managers. Developers have focused on every single and tiny thing, and that is why they are able to make FIFA 20 a perfect soccer game.
  • New life players available in Volta Football – Volta Football is a new type of model which is like street football, and in this players can play in any place in the world. In the Volta football players will also be natural, and they will be totally based on real-life like dressing, running, and shots.
  • Crazy free kicks – free kicks are a part of game, and in FIFA 20 developers have customized the free kicks even more. The graphics of FIFA 20 have increased, and you can even watch it when you try the free-kick opportunity. Now players can choose that if they want to give a zigzag free-kick because it will look so amazing and effective as well.

There are many more amazing features available in FIFA 20. The features I have mentioned above are important features, and you can even try it now in your mobile or console game.

Electron Arts are popular for their creativity, and they always provide the best in the gaming industry that will help it grow even more.

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