Top 5 LDShadowLady Facts

Famous YouTube gamer who runs the channel LDShadowLady and is a member of The Pixel Pact
Top 5 LDShadowLady Facts

Let’s read these top 5 LDShadowLady Facts. Famous YouTube gamer who runs the channel LDShadowLady and is a member of The Pixel Pact. She is notable for her eccentric Minecraft series entitled Shadowcraft.

Top 5 LDShadowLady Facts

  1. LDShadowLady’s first game was Call of Duty which made her create YouTube videos for her channel. She used to press the button on the controllers for her dad. And that is how the love for video games all started.
  2. Elizabeth, also known as Lizzie LDShadowLady, is a cool gamer who regularly streams her favorite Minecraft moments on YouTube. She started as a newbie monitoring gaming sessions by transferring them to the internet.
  3. LDshadowlady has also formed a female gaming group, Pixel Pact comprising Yammy_xox, Vengelfe, MittyMoxx, NyanStrike, and Eleonora. The group also has affiliate members like Laurenzside and Kaleidow. Pixel Pact has around 50,000 subscribers.
  4. Another LDShadowLady fact; she is known for her entertaining yet instructive videos about Minecraft and its mods. She is extremely inventive and has made mini-games to play inside the fantastical universe of Minecraft.
  5. She plays games like Crazy Craft 3.0, Ultra Hardcore, Captive Minecraft, Minecraft versus an,d enchanted oasis among several others. She plays this multitude of games in a joint effort with other YouTube gamers. Her energy for gaming makes her pick challenges and play with delight.

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