Top 5 Fun Facts About Monday to Start Your Week with Fun

Top 5 Fun Facts About Monday Lets take ...
Top 5 Fun Facts About Monday

Top 5 Fun Facts About Monday

Let’s take a look at these top 5 fun facts about Monday. Monday is the only day of the week that is an anagram for a word, that word is “dynamo”. There’s also a lot to learn about the first working day of the week.

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1. No wonder, Monday is the most popular day to call when sick. According to one study, 35% of all employees’ sick days fall on Mondays. One of the “sickest” days of the year is the Monday after the Super Bowl.

2. Monday is the best day to buy a new car. Surveys show that some people avoid buying a car on the weekends because it is the busiest day for car dealers. This means that people buy cars on Mondays because they are often guaranteed more time and attention from the seller and therefore a better deal.

3. Monday is considered a day of fasting in various world religions. There are various reasons for this restriction: For example, Christian monks worship angels on Mondays and fast to feel closer to the life of angels. Muslims are encouraged to fast on Mondays because Prophet Muhammad was born and fasts on Mondays.

4. Another fun fact about Monday is that they are the most sleep-deprived days. According to scientists, extra weekend sleep gets worse on Mondays because it messes with your body clock. Waking up earlier on Monday is more surprising than getting up any day of the week.

5. Monday is a good day for giving birth as it is a calm and peaceful day and people born on this day tend to have luck on their side. Finally, Monday is said to be influenced by the energy of the moon.

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