Fishdom – An Overview

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Do you like to play a match-three puzzle video game? If yes, then Fishdom is the ideal option because of a number of reasons. While there are many similar games, but Fishdom is the best one, which is available for IOS and Android devices.

The developer of such single player game is Playrix Entertainment, which is known as one of the most popular and talented game developers. Check out more information related to Fishdom in the further article.

The method of refilling lives

Each and every player basically has the five lives, and if they lose the one level, then it basically costs one life. In case, you have lost all lives then you are basically unable to play until one life is recharged.

Well, one life takes approximately half an hour to recharge. There are also many more methods of getting the lives. Some of them are described below –

Ask from a friend – We can simply ask the friends for sending the lives. For this, you are only required to tap the icon of lives, which is present at the top left corner of the screen. After that, a pop-up window will appear, and we are required to tap on the ask friends.

Buy from the store – We can purchase the lives with the use of diamonds. Well, this is the most preferred method, which can help in getting the lives, which are necessary to play. So, if you have enough amounts of diamonds, then it is advised to go with the option. Or you can also checkout fishdom cheats which actually works to get free gems and coins in fishdom game.

The need for vouchers

Well, vouchers are basically the in-app currency of Fishdom game, and this is necessary in order to get the unique fish. Such currency unlocks at a certain level (19). There are many types of vouchers can be seen. Here are the names of these vouchers –

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Players can earn these vouchers with ease. If they win the competitions, then they may get the vouchers in the rewards. In case, the fish of the player is present in the top ten then he/she will receive some additional vouchers.

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So, try to get the highest rank so that you can collect the maximum rewards. Apart from this, these can also be collected by cleaning the aquarium on a regular basis.

The unlimited lives

There are many people, who are playing Fishdom, but only a few of them know about the unlimited lives. These are basically the special reward, which is given to the players when they complete the level without losing any life. There are many methods, which can help in grabbing unlimited lives.

The players can get unlimited lives as the part of sales as well as the special offers. In fact, it can also be collected as the gift when we start playing the game. Moving further, there are many competitions and the players can get such reward by participating in such events and competitions.

Captain’s treasure, deep dive, and shipwrecked are some regular events, and we can also earn the special reward from such events.


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