Top 5 Facts About Cancer Zodiac Sign for July Born Babies

Top 5 Facts About Cancer Zodiac Sign Let&#8217...
Top 5 Facts About Cancer Zodiac Sign

Top 5 Facts About Cancer Zodiac Sign

Let’s read these top 5 Facts about Cancer Zodiac Sign. Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign and is represented by Cancer. They are especially known to be emotional, nurturing, and highly intuitive, as well as sensitive and sometimes insecure. 

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1. Cancerians work hard and rarely give up when there are emotions involved in their work. These people are interested in what they do and who they do to make their work personal and quality. They are generally gentle but will fiercely stand up for their loved ones.

2. Cancer can give good advice. People born under the Cancer horoscope have great empathy for other people. They can feel what other people are going through because they are very sensitive. They have tremendous empathy for others and therefore make great counselors.

3. Just like real crabs, cancer folks are known to like to hide in their “shells” and are happiest when they are at home, surrounded by loved ones. They are usually more introverted, preferring deep and intimate relationships with only a few people over-communicating in large groups, which can easily overwhelm them.

4. Another cancer fact is that Cancerians wear their hearts on their sleeves, but they harbour a variety of emotions that sometimes make them appear overly sentimental or gloomy. This is because of its relation to the phases of the moon and hence cancer is said to be “crabby”

5. Cancer are social butterflies. When it comes to friendships, Cancer likes to make new social contacts but is very sensitive to people who are not accepted by their immediate environment. Full of respect for everyone, cancer loves to meet strangers and build their social network.

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