Extensive Review For Rise Of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms Review

Playing a highly strategical game like the Rise of Kingdoms is not everyone’s cup of tea. The game is really engrossing and appealing for the people who have had the experience of playing such PvP (Player vs. Player) games in the past. But for rookies, it’s a hard choice to make until and unless they research about the game completely.

In this article, I will be presenting an in-depth review of several vital aspects of the Rise of Kingdoms mobile game which can act as a step-by-step guide for you to comprehend and unleash your best skills in the game.

Graphics, UI and gameplay –

The remarkably good and details rich designs of the app have made it sit on another level. For newcomers, there is an extensive tutorial in the game, that will teach you almost every basic activity. Apart from those I’ll be giving you a brief introduction to your role in the game:

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(i)Build a strong base – by upgrading your buildings and troops.

(ii) Fight battles – with your troops by attacking on/defending against your enemy.

(iii) Collect Gems and other resources – such as food, wood and stones, to train your troops, and stockpile supplies for war.

I found the gameplay really easy and straightforward, and even a beginner in the game would think so. All that is required to excel are time, patience and determination.

Free-to-play features –

Even though the game has many in-app purchases, you can continue free of cost for infinite time. The VIP pass to the game can also be purchased using the gems that you collect from chests and rewards. So for a player with zero investment ideas, this is an ideal game. The VIP shop also offers various precious items that can be bought with gems.

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In-game resources and their availability –

Coming to the most famous query, I’d like to say that the resource management system in RoK is not that great. Although at the beginning you’d be receiving a bunch of rewards and other stuff, the intermediate stage is where most of the players quit this game. That’s because their availability decreases gradually as you progress to higher levels.

However, a little bit search of Rise of Kingdoms Hack to get these game currencies for free is a great option for those who wants free gems in this game legally. There are numerous options of legit tricks for free gems in this game that one can avail for free.

Resources such as food and woods are still manageable, as you can gather them from your allies. But gems are really difficult to collect because most of the players spend off most of their gems in unneeded upgrades. And then there’s no option for them but to weep, and quit the game at last.

Progressing in the game –

I don’t specifically prefer strategical games for progressing quickly and rapidly through the levels. Because playing such games is based upon the ideas in your head and not your instincts. Thus, enough time has to be given behind your strategies in the game.

For beginners, I’d suggest you hold on to the game and keep battling even if you don’t find enough gems to collect. Just gain the minimal resources needed to upgrade your City Hall and troops training buildings.

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