Design Home Hack And Cheats Guide

design home hack

Design home is the best game for the players, who love to decorate the interiors of the homes. The specialty of this game is its relaxing and satisfying gameplay. The design home gives you a perfect place to express your creativity about decorating homes.

This game is a social platform where all other worldwide players see your interior home decorations and rate them. There are too many decorating challenges for you, you need to solve them by decorating. And to perform well in the game you must have enough in-app resources which can be easily get-able by using design home hack or cheats.

Other players judge your work and tell you about how much your designs are good. The design home features various tasks like play daily challenges and earn in-game money as well as collect other rewards. You can shop various furniture’s, vote designs of the other players, check out the votes on your designs and so on.

Many new-comers of the design home, lose their all money in first some days due to playing without any planning. You need to manage your money and do all the projects in enough budgets and also in the profit.

Therefore, we have come up with the guide of best cheats to the design home.  You can use diverse design home cheats, that we have listed in this article to be an ultimate decorator. So, without wasting your time scroll down and check out the essential design home hacks and cheats.

Top 5 Design Home Hack And Cheats For Beginners

Handle in-game currency smartly

The dollars, diamonds, keys are three currencies of the game. Each one is very important and useful for you, each has their unique purpose. You need to use them very smartly other than you will be bankrupt in the game.  Understand which currency is important for which purpose.

Dollars – the dollars is important to buy the new furniture. The simple way to earn lots of dollars is, playing daily events. The daily events pay you 2500$ for each challenge. The small regular events pay you 500$ per challenge and special events pay you 1000$ by every challenge.

design home cheats

Diamonds – the diamonds are very important currency in the game. Diamonds are essential to purchase items like pictures and plants. Earning diamonds is a bit of hard so use them carefully. You can win 500 diamonds from the game daily and if you get 5 stars for any designed project then you can win 125 diamonds as a bonus.

Keys – the keys are needed to enter in any event. Keys are just a pass for you to enter in the events. You can win many free keys daily from the game. You can win keys by voting other players designs. Keys are also needed to submit your projects. If you vote 5 times on a project of other player’s, you will earn 3 keys for free.

Select Theme related items

To earn extra rewards, try to get five out of five ratings on your designs. The best way to earn good ratings is, understand the theme in the room of a challenge. Once you understand the theme of the room, choose all the furniture accordingly to the room theme.  The furniture needs to easily get merged with the theme of a room. Try to create a professional design don’t put too much or too less stuff in the room. Don’t use extra fancy stuff, if the modern room is there then use modern but moderate stylish items and if you got an old style type of room then use some antique items in it.

Keep voting on designs of players

If you get bored by designing the rooms, then don’t leave the game just start to explore the designs of the other players. As we know you can earn three keys after every five votes. To enter in any event you need to pay 25 keys and even if you need to submit your design, you need to pay 25 keys. You can earn those free keys by just voting. Don’t select any random design to vote, select only your personally loved design to vote and review them very honestly.

Take ideas from the top scoring players

At the bottom lobby bar of the game, you can see the icon of a trophy, click on that icon. That icon takes you in the lobby of top score making players. You can see the list of best score making players of the design home. Look at their designs and make sure that you are also going to do something like that. Learn that which type of furniture they used in the room. Also, check the rewards for that type of challenge and how much money those top players spend on their challenges.

Play game daily for the rewards

There are many chances to earn daily free rewards. You can collect your daily diamonds and the tickets for free. Daily challenges pay you 2500$ so if you think that you can win challenges with the great ratings, then go for that challenges.

You can watch a small ad video to earn free diamonds. While playing the local challenges, try to play most of the levels with the best but low-quality furniture. When you play the game regularly, there are many chances to get some great reward holding daily challenges. The special challenges are perfect for you if you love to play special themed challenges.

Here, these all our best design home hacks and cheats for the design home. Just follow these small tricks and be the best designer in the design home. Stay tuned with us for the reviews, walkthroughs, how to guides, tips and tricks for the games and apps.

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