Covet Fashion Cheats — How to Get Better Ratings

covet fashion cheats

Covet Fashion is all based through getting the appreciation of your design. And the best thing is to get the highest rating. When you get a 4-star rating, you get a prize.

Getting 4.5 star additionally rewards you with diamonds. But when you are rated as five stars and above, you get additional rewards and double the diamonds.

But how to get these top ratings? There is no hard and fast rule. But you will miss the line of you overlook the following.

Use Items from current Season

When you take part to be on the top look, you have to ensure that all your aspects are met. Till there some technicalities that can give you the best score.

Covet Fashion gives a score for the first time used items. So make sure that you use as most as the unworn items to grab this bonus.

The second aspect is to get as many items from the current season. You will always get a seasonal purchase, like summer sales and winter sales.

Your designs through these current season outfit give you additional points in the game.

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It is imperative to state that the most extravagant designs always carry value, but it is not always the same.

Still to go for a sure-shot ranking choose the best from your closet. While borrowing any items from others, make sure that they are not used in much of the competitions. It may reduce your rank.

Pay attention to color and contrast

Keep in mind that your fellow designers rate you. Most of them are doing these voting simply to grab the four tickets from the voting. As a result, it is a fraction of second that will determine the vote you get.

Creating an eye-catching look is always essential, and one of the best covet fashion cheats is to create an image with contrasting colors. When you have a contrasting color with the background, you get immediate attention, and that will increase the likelihood of your win.

Stick To the Theme

Creating a design with the theme is the best part. You may wonder sometime about the reason for your low score.

It may undoubtedly happen if you do not stick to the subject. Get the minute details of the requirements of each design, and you will gain. Overlooking essential feature will continuously give you dismal ratings.

It’s All In The Details

It’s not just about having the most expensive dress to compete in Covet Style. If you want to make the front page, you must have the entire package.

In the early stage of the game, you can be relieved with novice weaknesses.  But you will quickly find that your lack of finer details may get you out of the circle.

You will have to ensure that your cosmetics and jewellery are appropriate. Also, the cost of the things you’re buying isn’t just about. Judge accurately to whether it fits well together or apart.

Only your complexion can influence your overall score. Pay particular attention to every aspect of your design, and you’ll get better ratings.

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