Bass Fluegel Horn in B-flat

Bass Fluegel Horn in B-flat This figure-eight Bass Fluegel Horn came into use in Austria and southern Germany during the 1840s. As Lombardy was part o...
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Bass Fluegel Horn in B-flat MET DP-12679-088
Bass Fluegel Horn in B-flat

This figure-eight Bass Fluegel Horn came into use in Austria and southern Germany during the 1840s. As Lombardy was part of Austria until 1857, Austrian models such as this one were made in northern Italy. The flugelhorn is a brass instrument pitched in B♭ which resembles a trumpet but with a broader, conical bore. The instrument is a descendant of the valve bugle, which had been developed from a valveless hunting horn known in eighteenth-century Germany as a Flügelhorn.

Today the flugelhorn is a standard member of some brass bands, and it is also used in jazz. It also appears occasionally in orchestral and concert band music. There are many famous orchestral works with flugelhorn, and it also figured prominently in some pop song arrangements. The tone of a flugelhorn is fatter and usually regarded as more mellow and dark than the trumpet or cornet.


  • Do you know any famous players of the Flugelhorn?
  • Do you know any orchestral works that include the Flugelhorn?

The Musical Instruments Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art – MET

  • Ming-Dynasty Pipa
  • Grand Piano
  • Bass Fluegel Horn in B-flat

Bass Fluegel Horn in B-flat

  • Title: Bass Fluegel Horn in B-flat
  • Date: 1855
  • Maker: Ferdinando Roth (Italian, Adorf 1815–1898 Milan)
  • Culture: Italian
  • Geography: Italy
  • Materials: Brass
  • Dimensions: ” 21 13/16 × 7 7/8 × 14 7/8 in., 2.9 lb. (55.4 × 20 × 37.8 cm, 1315.431g)
  • Museum: Metropolitan Museum of Art – MET

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  • Bass Fluegel Horn in B-flat

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” If music is the food of love, play on.”
– William Shakespeare”


Photo Credit: 1) Metropolitan Museum of Art [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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