Our primary purpose in developing two.one.five is to create a space where ethnically diverse gaming exploration can be realized, allowing everyone in the gaming community to help online gamers. And to have fun doing it.

Our hope is that two.one.five grows increasingly more influential, becoming synonymous with engaging forward-thinking and stylish interlocution, a positive vehicle of influence for natives as well as transplants to the region.

That being said, we realize all too well how complex and multi-faceted a world we live in. It would be disingenuous if we only strove to highlight the more positive aspects of our environment. Thus, we will make it our mission to shine a stark, revealing light on the broken, disparaging characteristics of the region as well, honestly documenting the specifics of our time and place without prejudice or censor.

We will also continue to expand and network our brand — putting the word out — with a combination of powerful writing and engaging images, wedded with high journalistic standards. In doing so, we plan to employ the most intriguing writers and artists in the region, enlisting them to help us make two.one.five a bold, innovative statement about our city and its inhabitants — and to beam this message world-wide.

We also promise to be an entity of which all of the gaming community can be proud.