241543903 Google Search Result Facts

Entering the number 241543903 into Google is one of the strangest search requests you can make. If you look for p...
Top 5 Facts about 241543903 Google Search Result

Entering the number 241543903 into Google is one of the strangest search requests you can make. If you look for “people who put their heads in the fridge” in the picture search, you’ll find a lot of pictures of individuals doing just that.

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Top 5 Facts about 241543903 Google Search Result

Read 241543903 google search result facts, known as “Heads in Freezers”, is a numerical keyword associated with a photo meme that involves people putting their heads inside freezers and sharing the photos online.

1. An image meme that began on Tumblr in early 2009 and expanded to social networks all around the world has recently returned to Tumblr, where it is being seen for the first time by many people. “241543903″ is the name of the meme, which entails taking a photo of oneself with your head in your freezer and labelling it with the number 241543903.

Anyone looking for the magic number on Google Images will find a slew of photographs of heads in freezers. 241543903 appears to have peaked early this year, but a Tumblr post with over 3,333 likes and reblogs have lately resurrected it.

241543903 Google Search ResultImage Source: flickr

2. It all started on April 6th, 2009, when New York-based artist David Horvitz uploaded a shot of himself sticking his head inside a freezer to his Flickr account SanPedroGlueSticks with the title “241543903.”

Horvitz got the number “241543903” by combining his refrigerator’s serial number, the barcodes on a bag of edamame, and a box of frozen soba noodles he had in his freezer at the time.

3. People were invited to take a picture of their heads in a freezer and post it with the hashtag “241543903” on Instagram. By Googling “241543903,” everyone could see each other’s photos.

The meme first gained traction in Brazil on Orkut, Google’s social media platform. Horvitz disseminated the information by sending 100 fliers to a friend in Brazil, who distributed them to random young people. It’s a rare occurrence when an internet meme spreads offline.

Facts about 241543903Image Source: viraltrend24

4. In December 2010, David posted a revised version of this instruction on Tumblr, which received over 2,000 likes and reblogs in less than a week, vastly outnumbering the 430 likes and reblogs he received in his first Tumblr post.

5. Although the campaign is amusing, the time and money spent on it may have been better spent elsewhere. Google, by the way, has a lot of these tiny shocks. Anyone interested in learning more about animals should conduct a search for “animal sounds” at some point.

241543903-Heads-in-FreezersImage Source: czechtheworld

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