Union Transfer Presents Pattern is Movement


On Thursday October 24, four local bands graced Union Transfer with different styles, genres, and energies, including headlining duo Pattern is Movement . First up was Worshyper, a Philly-based idiosyncratic R&B group with an intimate feel. With smooth harmonies, ranging synth beats, and changing tempos, they set a soulful mood that had everyone moving to their music. When Worshyper member Matthew Hampson temporarily put down his drumsticks and stepped into the forefront for a few solos, his ballads were, well, straight up sexy. All I could think of was R. Kelly as poured his heart out into the mic and made the audience experience what he was singing to them. This group is of no specific genre and their originality should definitely not be confined to one.
Next up was Philadelphia-based Norwegian Arms, an indie-folk band with energy and catchy verses. With an electric mandolin, stripped down drums, and upbeat vocals, their vibe reminded me enjoying a beautiful summer day with friends and being carefree. There was no lacking of full sound despite their absence of a guitar and bass as Norwegian Arms has all the right ingredients of feeing youthful and just dancing along through life.
Third on the list was The Spinto Band, an indie-pop band from Wilmington, Delaware. Their dreamy and flowy vocals could make one feel as if they were floating on air. Their songs ranged from clappy to romantic in their inclusion of intricate strings and lucid tones that made for a great variety. The Sprinto Band brings a both a modern and vintage feel in their wide range of musical elements and tones.
To close the night was headlining duo Pattern is Movement. This Philadelphia-based indie-rock band hit the crowd with their impressive beards, high-ranging vocals, and dynamic percussion. Their sound brought different fleeting emotions in their complex melodies and intense keyboard build-ups. The fluid harmonies of Andrew Thiboldeaux and Chris Ward seeped their way into sounding like an instrument in themselves, memorizing and completely full.  This night of diverse bands complemented each other well in their honest presence and different genres.