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Concert Recap: The Disco Biscuits @ Electric Factory

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The Disco Biscuits capped off 3 straight sold out shows at the Electric Factory, Saturday night [2/21], by fittingly playing 3 extended sets for an enthralled crowd of avid supporters. Braving first snow, then drizzling rain and slushy streets [add to that Uber 4x price surges and occupied cab wars — “I’m gonna run down the street through freezing puddles to hopefully snag a cab ahead of the other group waiting”], the enthusiastic many who found themselves inside the especially cozy mainstay venue were thoroughly entertained — and expressing their joy to be there.

Disco Biscuits - 11

Such expressive methods included bliss-fully, and spin-fully, jam-dancing, showing off quirky style accessories and goofy hats, all the while taking in the high-tech light and laser show beaming out from the stage.

In fact, I learned a new holiday exists as I overheard when many a delighted friends [old and new] found each other in the crowd exclaiming “Happy Biscuits…. maaaaaaan!!”

Disco Biscuits - 03

All these ‘Biscuits’ needed were some wavy gravy, and that was no doubt supplied as the Philadelphia natives, who originally formed their band at UPenn — Allen Aucoin (drums), Marc Brownstein (bass), Jon Gutwillig (guitar), and Aron Magner (keyboards, synths) — served up the lubricant soundtrack for an all out groove-fest… and just a really good time.

Photos and words by Aran Hart