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Photos: Questlove presents the 3rd annual PSK!

For the 3rd straight year, Heineken hosted the ultimate DJ showcase to kick off the largest free concert in America, “The Roots 4th of July Jam”.

Party goers literally danced until the sun came up at the 3rd annual Philadelphia Sound Konnoisseurs aka PSK! Roots founder, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson threw the epic event on July 3rd with an all-star line up at Voyeur. The evening featured RJD2, Cash Money, Cosmo Baker, DJ Phsh, DJ Statik, Emynd & Bo Bliz and of course,  Questlove.

Heineken Green Room x Philly Tech Week: RJD2 & King Britt @ Walnut Room

RJ & King take us behind the scenes of the industry…

Continuing on with Philly Tech Week… Veteran music artists RJD2 & King Britt, paid a visit to Walnut Room to share their experiences within the industry, and how technology has affected the independent artist of today. Many inspiring local producers/artists were in attendance to soak in the knowledge, hoping utilize it towards their own careers. Hosted by DJ Junior (Eavesdrop Radio, WKDU) in an intimate setting, the Q&A session was up close and personal… At one point of the session, RJ went as far as breaking down the cost of his last two albums released on his indie label “Electrical Connections”. Discussing the financial investment side (promo, publicist, etc.), and how much of that money invested, was returned in digital sales. Other topics of discussion included the new age of the digital DJ, new production technology seen in iPads and iPhones, even the appearance of the hologram version of Tupac recently seen at Coachella… Which RJ jokingly described as “HoloPac”. King Britt described it as fascinating from a technological point of view, but almost blasphemous to Tupac’s legacy as an artist, and his spirit. Junior later turned the floor over to the audience to ask their own questions. Topics included the lack of legit music industry in Philly, what new music RJ & King find inspiring, and who influenced them musically growing up as a child. After an in-depth discussion with two great artists, more Heineken bottles & swag were given out, as Illvibe Collective’s DJ Statik. If you want to be a Heineken Green Room member, get on the 215 Mag email list to find out more info…


Heineken Green Room: RJD2 & DJ Statik @ Walnut Room

RJD2 & DJ Statik rock the Green Room on Walnut St.  Photos by Tim Blackwell.

Another awesome event sponsored by Heineken, exclusively for Green Room members. Green bottles everywhere, as attendees sipped Heineken at the open bar, then swarmed straight to the dance floor. Playing everything from Hip Hop to Latin music, Reggae to Electronic grooves, RJD2 & DJ Statik proved they know the true meaning of “move the crowd..” Not a Heineken Green Room member? Sign up on the 215 Mag email list for invites and info on future Heineken events. Check the slideshow for all of the action.