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Morcheeba – Smooth Sailing: Recap

Hailing from the UK, Morcheeba, along with multi-instrumentalist and VERY talented opening act Conner Youngblood, made its latest stop on their international tour at the TLA Thursday night May 15th, and did not disappoint those in attendance – ranging from fans that have followed along since the mid-90’s to a new wave that only recently learned about this well-polished outfit.

Promoting their new album ‘Head Up High’ released last October, Morcheeba welcome anyone to experience their smooth, stylish showcase, and offer their appreciation for the active participants. Flashing high-fashion semblance while avoiding dripping in bourgeois attitude is a commendable trait. Rather they let the audience in with a warm invitation.

Gimme Your Love Video

Morcheeba consists of a bassist, drummer, guitarist, and keys/organ player, while layering in a DJ on the decks to mix in scratches, samples, and effects. Upon that foundation stands the prominent and seemingly ageless wonder lead vocalist Skye Edwards and her self-made high-fashion wardrobe and stunning smile. Refreshingly embracing the current state of omni-present technology, Skye stepped down into the first row for a mid-show selfie and took another camera on stage to film from her perspective before handing it back to the gleeful audience members. Her fans even offered up gift baskets of flowers and fruit, which she warmly accepted.

The band seamlessly weaved from one song into another, serving on-time varietals of neo-soul, trip-hop, reggae, rock and roll, and eclectic grooves (this Youtube mix displays their varying styles). Studio recordings conjure up some comparisons to Thievery Corporation.

The crisp and serenading vocals sat right on top of the mix, finding the pocket and filling the room with a comfortable reverb – hats off to the sound man for his work. The rest of the scene was lovers and friends, dancers and swayers, soaking in the sights and sounds coming from the stage, and giving back their appreciation. No need to pay for VIP to be treated that way on this occasion.

Words by Aran Hart – Photo Credits Daniel Wooden