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Pour The Core: Philadelphia – October 15, 2015

Love apples? Then, drink apples! Gather with fellow apple enthusiasts, hard cider aficionados, fermentation zealots, and craft beverage fanatics at the Philadelphia Navy Yard for the third annual Pour The Core: Philly.

At Pour The Core: Philly, you and your friends will be surrounded by the picturesque fall backdrop of the Marine Parade Grounds and be showcased to the finest locally-produced and internationally-sourced ciders – more than 75 in all! The event will feature local favorites like the artfully crafted, Frecon’s Cidery Crabby Granny, Sir Charles Hard Cider, Good Intent Adam’s Apple, and so many other PA favorites! Best-selling US brands like Woodchuck Hard Cider, Angry Orchard, Original Sin and Doc’s Draft Hard Cider will also be featured. And, a variety of imported ciders and perries from Spain, England and elsewhere will round out the varieties offered.

So get your blanket or lawn chair ready to stake your spot by the live music. Carry your sunglasses and hat for protection from the sun… check the weather for what to wear and get your tickets. The event will take place rain or shine (no refunds). Don’t forget to bring a belly ready for delicious foods available to purchase from local Philly Food Trucks.

There will be special seminars about cider, the making of cider, and the enjoyment of cider. The event will also help raise funds for the Committee to Benefit the Children (CBC). Visit the charity page to find out more about this great organization.

(Source: http://www.pourthecore.com/philly/)

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The Roots Picnic: Survival Kit

Written by Sebastian Ade 

With The Roots Picnic being only a few days away, we thought it might be helpful to put together a list of festival essentials:


1. The Camera Cooler

The rule of thumb is: If you don’t mind it being stolen, broken, or lost, don’t bring it. However, as soon as I spotted this at the family owned Ps and Qs Men Shop I thought that The Camera Cooler would be great for an event like The Roots Picnic.The Roots Picnic isn’t as crazy and long as other music festivals. During the show this could be the perfect place to keep your camera, lenses, phone…and beer.


2.Elvex Ear Plug

If you are one of those people that race to the rim of the stage as soon as the doorman checks your ticket, you might want to invest in some earplugs. When you are having a blissful time watching your favorite artist perform, the last thing on your mind is your ears until the bass starts beating against your head. Want to avoid a headache after the show? I’m sure these Elvex Ear Plug will do you good.

3. Hats and Glasses from Philly AIDS Thrift

You can find virtually anything you can’t eat at Philly Aids Thrift. At this place $10 can temporarily replace the sunglasses and hat you left at home before the The Roots Picnic. Philly Aids Thrift has a wide collection of books, CDs, clothing, and decor (just in case you want to indulge in a little shopping).

4. SEPTA Tokens

Until Septa can adapt a more efficient way to ride the subway, be sure you bring your tokens.  The Spring Garden Station and South/Lombard Station will be crowded after show. Getting tokens, to and from your destinations ahead of time, will save you a long wait on a crowded subway train home.

5.Water and Sunscreen

It’s always sunny in Philly, sometimes a little too sunny. This Saturday is expected to be 90 degrees and can potentially be dangerous for the people who came without water and sunscreen.  To avoid spending a fortune on a 20 oz. bottle of water, don’t leave your place without a bottle, or a few bottles, of water.


6.Anker Astro Mini External Phone Charger

One of the worst things you’d want happen at The Roots Picnic is for your smartphone to die. A great tool that will help you prevent this is the Anker Astro Mini, it works with most smartphones, especially iPhone and Galaxy phones and isn’t larger than a container of lipstick.

7. Lunch from Soy Cafe 

As of today, The Roots Picnic is expected to be 6 hours long. Located across the street from the Festival Pier Lot at 630 N 2nd Street is Soy Cafe. This vegetarian deli is quiet, group friendly, healthy, and cheap! Perfect for stocking up on snacks (plus I heard there smoothies are delicious).