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Ellie Goulding: Stars Shine Bright

Friday March 14 – Liacouras Center – Story and photos by Aran Hart

The wildly popular Ellie Goulding performed in front of a sold out crowd of avid supporters Friday night at Temple’s Liacouras Center, as part of her Spring 2014 US Tour. Goulding, the British Indie pop – synth pop – folktronica singer and song-writer shined bright in the glitzy blue and white lighting, sporting a black outfit and signature blonde locks.

Her most dedicated fans arrived as early as 1:30pm (showtime was 9:30pm), to grab the an upclose look at their coveted starling. When asked what they thought of the show, words like “heavenly” and “amazing” came gushing out to describe their ‘starry-eyed’ love affair. Much of the first 10 rows held up bright fluorescent cutout hearts with personal messages that Ellie smiled at to show her appreciation.

This was a true Pop performance, much less along the dub/chill-step lines she often toes, laced with top-tier music industry staging, back-up singers, instrumentalists, and stadium sound. Each note played and sung came through clear though the back-up harmony vocalists needed more decibels in the mix and her duet acoustic guitar and piano performance lasted a bit too long. But the truth is, this was no doubt Ellie’s show. The band was dressed in all black and the light only dimly lit their stations. Goulding was front and center in the spot light with her floor toms, effect pads, occasional acoustic guitar, and of course the mic. She claimed to be shy of talking but had no reservation dancing and belting out her ballads, playing to the crowd, and offering sincere thanks between songs.

She might not be your style, she may come off too soft, or too teeny-pop, but Goulding’s success is not up for debate. In fact, it is downright impressive – just check her online play count and accolades, wow. This can be attributed to her unique and mystical voice that remarkably blends so seamlessly with the gritty electro sounds of the dub-step world, lends itself to the catchy pop genre, and serves the emotional and freeing themes EDM songs so often feature. That versatility has Ellie getting remixed by the biggest DJ’s, jet setting on worldwide tours, being licensed for feature film soundtracks (i.e. Divergent), singing out through your speakers, and/or on major sound systems during a late-night party mix.

Her latest 2013 album titled Halcyon Days points to the freedom, joy, and carefree nature of youth. We’ll surely be hearing a lot more from the 27 year old electro-pop superstar for many years to come.

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