Slightly Stoopid Sparks Up Festival Pier with Atmosphere and Tribal Seeds

Philadelphia’s music-loving, vibe-chasing crowd stormed Penn’s Landing on Saturday for the Kickin’ Up Dust tour featuring stoner-friendly acts including Tribal Seeds, Atmosphere, and Slightly Stoopid.

Upon walking through the gates of Festival Pier, I immediately felt like I had entered some sort of alternate reality. On the stage was the opening band, Tribal Seeds, who win the award for the most white people with dreadlocks in a given area at a given time. But don’t let this physical description deceive you. They were pumping out mellow vibrations of a classic reggae sound. The early bird crowd was already feeling lively from the opening act as they swayed to the music of the San Diego-based band.

Atmosphere put on one of the most fantastic and high energy sets I’ve ever seen. Rapper, Slug, donned a Phillies cap looking incredibly stoked to be back in Philly. DJ Ant, opened with the memorable hook to “Puppets” and the true meat and potatoes of the show ensued.

Atmosphere hardly touched any of the tracks on their newest album, The Family Sign, mainly because they knew that Philly wanted to hear their classic hits like “Sunshine,” “Scapegoat,” and “God Loves Ugly.” ¬†As they wrapped up their set with “Trying to Find a Balance,” Slug gave his many thanks to all the fans who came out to the show, stating that they can’t normally play straight old-school hits. Atmosphere clearly made an exception on Saturday night.

Then the headliners took the stage. Slightly Stoopid came out guns blazing with a powerful performance of their song “Till It Gets Wet” which is exactly what you think that song is about. The San Diego band rolled up to Philly with the intention on taking people higher with their live performance. One of the biggest hits of the night was the song “This Joint” which gives a shout out to the City of Brotherly Love with the lyrics “The taste of this joint, we’re rolling it up in Philly, and I need all the weed from Cali…”

The hits just kept coming as Slightly Stoopid played songs from all across their studio albums including “2 a.m.” “Mr. Officer,” “Top of the World” and their cover of “Leaving on a Jet Plane.” This wasn’t your average stoner show. It was an incredible night of music from multiple genres creating a lively experience that left the audience stunned and amazed.