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Reel Big Fish @ The TLA!

/* Reel Big Fish @ The TLA! */

As anticipated from the sold out show at the TLA in Philly, everyone from all ages come together and skank away their lives in unison as we bring memories of the one of the biggest ska bands in history.

The show had started off with Dan Potthast, he’s a solo artist that played on nothing, but his acoustic guitar with a comedic twist. He was best known for his work with the ska-punk-pop group MU330. He played some of his popular songs such as “Melbourne” and “Tokyo” from his album “Around the World.”

Dan Potthast

With his bright and energetic vibe, he eventually was confronted with that one “Lynyrd Skynyrd-screaming douche bag” that kept yelling “play free bird!” Eventually, he closed out his set with a song that was nothing, but hilarious insulting him in his comedic ways.

Dan Potthast

As the show continues, the second opener was a band known as Pilfers. They had much more of a heavy-grunge reggae-tone ska style, which drove the crowd off the wall with crowd surfing. As that signature trombone-blasting during their songs, Coolie, the lead vocalist of Pilfers, was constantly chanting the crowd and the crowd responded back with Oi! Oi! Oi!


Eventually, Coolie jumped into the crowd several times and started to mosh with everyone in the pit and ended their set with a bang with trombone break downs!


With the crowd waiting patiently as the stage crew changing the set, eventually, Reel Big fish had taken the stage by storm. The crowds were constantly singing along to every lyric of all their songs, and the pit eventually just became a huge dance floor as every is either skanking away or two-stepping. You can tell by just the vibe at the TLA that these people were just die-hard fans, as trendy front man Aaron Barrett is jamming out doing pigeon circles all across the stage.

Reel Big Fish

During their set, in between songs, as the entire band is cheering how awesome the crowd is, Aaron was always in some way from referring to each of the songs they played as “One of his ex-girlfriends” and or making a joke about it. They did not miss any of of their songs that made them famous such as “Sellout,” “Brown Eyed Girl,” “Beer,” “Everyone Else Is An Asshole,” ranging from their albums “Turn The Radio Off” all the way to their latest album “Candy Coated Fury.” They even played a short cover of “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson as a joke. Nonetheless, They played an awesome set here in Philly, and ended their set with an encore with playing random genres of music and “Take On Me.”

Reel Big Fish

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