Last Friday night kicked off real nicely at Pub Webb on Cecil B Moore Ave — with DJ Ayeboogie spinning from up in the rafters. The room filled up early on in anticipation of North Philly’s own Peedi Crakk representing live on stage with the “Who Got The Jazz Band.”

Peedi immediately showed love and appreciation to the crowd saying how grateful he was to have had everyone’s support dating back to when he first smashed onto the Roc-A-Fella scene with State Property. His talented rhymes and wordplay were accented by his many fans shouting out lyrics and raising all of those green bottles in the air to the verses.

A treat wrapped up the night when Freeway came to the stage to debut a new track from his upcoming album exclusive and live for the Heineken Green Room crowd.

Needless to say, it was the place to be — don’t just take our word for it (And don’t fret if you missed it cuz #HeinekenGreenRoom has another big night coming up in June, so stay tuned!):

Photo creditsYSKSK Media | @YSKSKMedia

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