Fur is Taking Over the Runways and My Wardrobe!

Fur, undeniably a winter fashion statement once again and I can honestly say that I do not hate it! I have never participated in the fur trend until this season when I purchased a fur vest and fur boots. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not real fur, but none the less its fur and it’s beautiful.

This year’s fashion designers from Dolce and Gabana to Givenchy to J-Mendel (design pictured) all had fur in their winter collections. Some had dyed fur of all different colors, some coats, some stoles, basically a little bit of everything and as with a lot of different things, I’m obsessed!

Some of you are probably thinking about the animal cruelty involved in making these fur fashion statements, and I have definitely thought of that as well. Yes, it’s wrong and yes, it’s horrible but after reading a quote by the great fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, it gave me a new perspective. He defended the industry by saying that fur is justified because the “beasts” fur comes from would “kill us if they could.” If you are still not convinced there is always faux fur as the alternative, which is equally as fabulous.