Counter Culture Coffee Pro Dev Roundtable

Wednesday July 30th is this month’s roundtable for local coffee professionals — Counter Culture Coffee Pro Dev Day. RSVP here and stop by next week at 3pm-4pm where you’ll explore how Counter Culture’s roasting team determines roast levels and profiles, using one coffee (Finca Pashapa from La Labor, Honduras) as a case study.

You’ll review the history of Counter Culture’s purchasing relationship with producer Roberto Salazar and Finca Pashapa, provide a general overview of the roasting process and the tools used to assure quality control for production roasts—namely, the Agtron Scale—and then taste examples of Finca Pashapa prepared at different roast levels and profiles.

About the Training Center:
Counter Culture Coffee regional training centers are three-dimensional spaces dedicated to cutting-edge coffee education and community engagement. Each training center serves not only as a regional focal point for professional coffee education and industry innovation, but also as a hub of taste exploration and cultural exchange.

Furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed by world-class coffee educators, the training centers make up a closely connected network of classrooms for the Counter Intelligence coffee education curriculum, which consists of a variety of focused labs, classes, and seminars. CCC training centers also provide the perfect environments for our ongoing series of public Friday Coffee Cuppings and community events.

2149 Unit B Catharine St.
Philadelphia, PA, 19146
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